A Perfect Recipe for Profits: Mixing Print Advertising With Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is enjoying a golden age right now, but what most marketing veterans won’t tell you is that social media is often blended with traditional print media marketing. Here’s how to take advantage of this knowledge and create the perfect recipe for profits and brand awareness. Be Consistent With Your Message Being consistent…

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Youtube On The Go


Most of us love YouTube videos. They can fill those empty moments while you sit on the bus, wait in the grocery store line or whenever you need to pass the time. From funny and poignant, to instructional and inspirational, YouTube videos can enhance our lives in many ways. But just as you’re settling down…

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Maximizing social media marketing efforts with a content calendar

Effectively managing social media content is something every entrepreneur should include in their business plan. Incorporation of social media marketing is a key element to getting connected with new customers and staying connected with existing clients. The more time you spend on where to place your content and when, the more effective your marketing plan will…

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