It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No, It’s My Online Delivery

With consumers in the UK, as well as most parts of the Western world, flocking to the Internet in ever greater numbers to make purchases, there is just one logistical problem which still needs to be ironed out for the customer experience to be perfect. Many consumers are quite pleased with their e-commerce shopping experience, as they find a wide selection of goods, typically priced in a way that competes very effectively with traditional high street stores. Perhaps the only difference is the natural reaction to “I want to take it home now”, which cannot adequately be fulfilled. Even during this upcoming holiday season, many shoppers in the UK are looking for solutions where they can actually shop online and pick up their purchase at a local store. Obviously, this does not work for companies that are focused purely on e-commerce. However, one company that has always blazed a trail in e-commerce is beginning to develop a solution which many might feel is quite radical, yet amazingly effective.



Have Helicopter, Will Deliver


Amazon is a name which is synonymous with ground-breaking solutions to e-commerce, not only in the US, but also in the UK and the rest of Europe. As a result, they have become the largest e-commerce site in the world, where you can buy practically anything that you desire. With distribution centres scattered across the United States and an extremely large one in the UK, they are able to count on traditional delivery services, such as the Royal Mail or any other type of express delivery service, to get a customer’s order to their front door within a matter of days. But, being Amazon, they are not completely satisfied with a delivery time of just a few days. As a result, they have proposed a brand-new service, using small drones called Octocopters to deliver merchandise from the warehouse to your front door. Yes, drones! For some people, it might appear a little too futuristic and perhaps a little scary. But don’t worry; it will take several years for the technology to be perfected and for Amazon to get the rights both in the United States and in the UK to actually allow these contraptions to take off. The founder and president of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, feels that they will be able to deliver packages weighing up to 5 pounds (which accounts for 86% of their orders), perhaps within a half hour of receiving an order.


The On-going E-Commerce Revolution


Solutions such as those proposed by Amazon might seem radical today, but may appear to be perfectly normal within a decade. It will certainly boost the already significant presence of e-commerce and any company that is looking to leverage this solution needs to be fully prepared. This involves making sure that any e-commerce website is easily viewable by whatever mobile device customers are using and is easy to navigate. The required techniques to accomplish this are best left in the hands of professionals such as, who have all the tools necessary to make any website perform at its best.




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