Learn About the Top 4 Signs Your Business Needs Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Most business owners agree that their customers are the most important asset they have. If you are not as familiar with your customers as you would like to be, there are ways that modern technology can help. Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 2013 CRM Online are powerful tools that can improve customer service and marketing while increasing sales. Keep reading to discover the top 4 signs your business needs Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365.

1. You need help creating effective marketing materials. Office 365 makes it easy to produce marketing materials that look professional and feature many different visual effects. It allows the members of your marketing staff to work on and complete their projects anywhere and anytime they feel inspired to do so. They can use Office 365 wherever and whenever they want to and they do not need access to an Internet connection to do their work.

2. You want more convenience interacting with customers and a simplified way to handle website development. With Office 365 you have the ability to not only create a new website and have it operational, but you can host meetings online with screen sharing and HD video technology. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online makes it simple to engage potential customers through integrated social media and sales intelligence.

3. You find it difficult to track sales leads and manage the information during the sales process. With Microsoft Dynamics 2013 CRM Online, you have access to analysis and tracking tools. The program guides users step-by-step to help them achieve their goals. The report generator offers valuable information that allows managers to visualize the entire process.

4. You need a centralized location to store all customer data. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online features a database that stores information. All members of your marketing, customer service and sales staffs have easy access to the data. Since workers have the most updated information at their fingertips, they are better able to be consistent in all areas.

With Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, business owners can increase worker productivity and deliver the best experience to customers. These services offer the following benefits to any business:

1. Simple to implement. These programs work similar to the Office suite, so users are already familiar with how they work and need only minimal training. They deliver an experience that is consistent whether the user is working on a mobile device or a PC.

2. Unlimited access. Users have no need to worry about an inadequate Internet connection having a negative effect on productivity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365 work offline as well as online.

3. Collaboration is easy. Information is easily shared throughout the organization as well as outside of it. Users have access to memory and change tracking capabilities that work much like the most popular social tools available.

4. Data is secure. These teams offer consistent upgrades, data privacy and security allowing worry free administration on a day-to-day basis.

Now that you are aware of the benefits associated with these cloud services, you can rest assured that using them for your own business is the right choice.

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