Modern Business Promotion: Contests, Giveaways and Social Media


Most businesses today need an edge. They need a way to stand out from the competition. For some, social media, contests and promotional giveaways are that edge. Here are just some of the advantages of using these strategies in your business to give it the boost it needs.

It Increases Brand Recognition

One goal that both large and small businesses have is brand recognition. If customers recognize you, trust you, they’re more likely to do business with you. How do you make your brand stand out from the competition? How do you make it stick in the minds of customers?

One way is through creative marketing, like promotions or social media marketing. Promotional giveaways can create an “anchor” in your prospects and customers’ minds.

For example, if you give away custom playing cards branded with your logo, which also contain a “winning card,” a specially printed card just for the contest, you’ve just gamified the experience with your company. You made it fun, and people will remember that - even if they’re not actually buying from you. You set the tone that your company is fun, and doing business with you might also be fun.

Long after the contest is over, the cards are useful and will be used at family gatherings or at parties. If the logo or tagline is catchy enough, it may inspire referral business.

You Can Reach Out To Fans For A Low Cost

Social media is a low-cost way for you to reach out to fans, customers, and prospects. If your company has a tight budget, social media can be a simple way to increase customer loyalty without sending out expensive mail pieces or designing elaborate customer reward schemes.

Social Media Can Augment Your Business Card

Your business card will always be a valuable staple, but social media can augment it and potentially make it more effective. Your social media profile can become an extension of your business card, giving fans and clients more information about your company than you could ever fit on your business card.

It Improves The Quality Of Your Web Traffic

Once you get to know your fans online, you can direct them to your website. This dramatically improves the quality of the traffic flowing to your business’s virtual space. After all, you’ve already interacted with them. They are likely referring traffic to you. You’re no longer dealing with complete strangers. Even if they’re not customers, they’re warmer leads than random organic search traffic.

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