Money-saving tips for businesses


To be successful in the modern business world, bosses have to maintain tight control over their firms’ purse strings. If you’re keen to keep your company’s spending to a minimum, keep reading. This brief guide offers some simple but effective money saving tips.

Take care when choosing your tech

Enterprizes are increasingly reliant on technology, and new devices and IT systems can easily blow a hole in businesses’ budgets if managers aren’t careful. To ensure you don’t overspend, it’s important to choose your tech carefully. For example, only buy resources that will actually benefit your operations. Also, when you’re looking for equipment, don’t assume that you always have to purchase brand new versions. As data capture specialists Symectech point out, it’s possible to save money by opting for refurbished versions instead. From barcode scanners to mobile computers, there are a host of items to choose from. These previously used and restored products can be significantly cheaper than their new counterparts and, providing you buy from a reputable supplier, you can have complete confidence in their quality.   

Reduce your energy use

Another way to save cash is to cut your energy use. You can do this by installing more energy efficient systems and appliances within your premises and by training your staff in the importance of being energy efficient. For example, make sure your personnel understand the need to switch their computers off when they’re not in use, particularly overnight. Bear in mind that a poll conducted by the Carbon Trust found that while 92 percent of workers are concerned about the cost of energy at home, only 47 percent have the same concern for the cost of energy in their workplace. Also, only 23 percent of employees had been asked to help save energy at work by their managers.

Make savings on your supplies

You might also be able to give your finances a boost by ordering fewer supplies. A common area of overspend among companies is stationary. If you reduce the size or frequency of these orders, you should find that your staff members start to use the supplies more sparingly. While the savings you make may seem small to begin with, they will mount up over time.

Cut your staff costs

Make sure you keep your staff costs in check too. For example, you might be able to find more efficient ways of working by letting some of your staff members operate flexibly and remotely. This could allow you to function from a smaller base, cutting your overheads. Also, if someone leaves your company, consider delaying your decision to replace them. You might find that the gap they leave is closed by ambitious people who are keen to get ahead and pick up additional responsibilities. Even if you do discover that you need to recruit someone new, you will have saved some money in the meantime.

By following cost cutting tips like these, you should find it easier to control your finances.

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