Social Networking Dangers for College Students

One of the best things about being in college is that it’s an opportunity to enjoy a different kind of independence. Many students live in a dorm or an apartment off campus. Thanks to your campus, you are able to come into contact with new people on a constant basis. And thanks to social media websites, you are made privy to more information than ever before. Of course, the more people that you come into contact with, the more vulnerable you are to being exposed to social networking dangers.

So, in the effort to make sure that you are able to remain safe while using social media sites like Facebook, Four Square, Tinder and others, we wanted to share with you some of the top dangers that college students put themselves as risk for via the internet below:

Stalking or burglary. When you’re sharing a FB status about the trip you’re about to take with some friends, remember that it’s oftentimes not only your “online social circle” that is reading about your plans. When you use social media sites to announce your whereabouts, one danger that it results in is individuals using that information as an opportunity to potentially stalk you or burglarize your home.

Cyberbullying. Although it may seem like it’s more prevalent for young children to be bullied over the internet, there are people who are college-aged that experience it too. As a matter of fact, according to many reports, 65 percent of adults have been the victim of teasing or offensive treatment while being online.

Identity theft. Reportedly, 13 percent of people have been a victim of identity theft. And while that might seem like a relatively small amount, if you’ve ever spoken to someone who has had their identity stolen, you know that it can be a pretty traumatizing experience. Therefore, it’s important to do all that you can to keep it from happening to you. So, avoid using private data like your social security number and birthdate in your password(s), go on websites that are secure, shred business documents, monitor your bank and credit card statements regularly and be sure to guard your laptop and cell phone at all times.

Sexual assault. If you went to a website like in order to learn more about getting a social media degree, one thing that we’re pretty sure that social media classes would teach you is that dating apps can sometimes lead to sexual assaults. So, be careful about providing too much personal information with a person until you feel like you have connected to someone you can really trust. And remember that you’re not going to come to that conclusion after only a couple of conversations.

Damaged reputation. You might not initially think of having a damaged reputation as being something that is “dangerous” but being that one definition of danger is “risky”, it definitely applies. If you are sharing sexually explicit content, if you’ve posted pictures of being drunk or using drugs or even if you and your Facebook friends or Twitter followers are using expletives or you’re constantly in controversial debates, not only can this result in you being in trouble with your school’s administration but it can also make it hard to land an internship or job too. And that’s a hard consequence of being so casual with social networking. So, every time that you login to a particular social media account, please think about all that we said. Be sure to use social media websites responsibly.

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