Top Factors to Consider when Planning Your Move


Once you have finally decided that moving to a new location is a good decision and have made the necessary steps when it comes to looking for a new place and arranging for sale or rental, the next step is planning your actual move.

Granted, moving can indeed be a stressful experience, what with so many factors to consider and aspects to organise. But you can still make your move a more stress- and headache-free task by considering the factors listed below:

Enlist a removal firm or do it yourself?

One of the first things you have to decide on is whether to enlist the services of a removal firm or do the entire move yourself. If you are planning to get help and guidance from a removal firm, it is always best to get at least three quotes from removal firms in your area. Better yet, get written quotes so you will know exactly what to expect from the service and will already have the necessary information on the pricing in written form.

One tip: good removal companies will often offer to visit your property and make an assessment based on your requirements, your goods and items, and whatever packing materials and assistance you need. If you live in an area like Gloucester, and need removals Gloucester firms can visit you so they can make a thorough assessment and give you a proper quote. Be wary of firms which give you a quote without viewing your items and asking for more information about your requirements first, as their quotes can easily change when moving day comes.

If you would like to arrange your move yourself, however, make sure that you have a good idea of what the entire process entails. One point is to hire a van or other vehicle which is big enough for all your belongings, including tools, office equipment, and even garden or conservatory items. Keep in mind, though, that moving during the week (and not during the weekend) can make hiring a van less expensive. To make it easier on yourself, go through your possessions and dispose of the items you no longer need a few weeks before your scheduled move.

When making a reservation with a removal company

If you decide to opt for a removal firm, you should give them the estimated date of your move as soon as possible. And when you schedule your actual moving date, make sure that all the requirements have already been met, such as the signing of contracts or documents and the like.

If there is a delay and the scheduled date of your move changes, inform your chosen removal company as soon as possible as well. Scheduling your move on a weekday (rather than a Friday, weekend, or bank holiday) can give you a more hassle-free move and increase the chance of your removal firm’s availability.

Packing your possessions

Packing all your items and belongings can be an arduous task, so it is best to have this done way in advance. When you sort through your possessions, keep a pile of the ones you would like to dispose of, sell, or give away. Doing this a few weeks prior to your move will save you time and even give you the chance to earn some extra cash (if you choose to sell unwanted items).

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