Youtube On The Go


Most of us love YouTube videos. They can fill those empty moments while you sit on the bus, wait in the grocery store line or whenever you need to pass the time. From funny and poignant, to instructional and inspirational, YouTube videos can enhance our lives in many ways.

But just as you’re settling down for from serious viral video viewing, along comes an unexpected error message. Instead of watching a video, you are probably asking yourself what the value of YouTube is, when you can’t even access it without getting a major migraine. Even with the latest devices available today, you may still end up in the YouTube limbo land of frozen images.

If you think YouTube doesn’t care, think again. They know that more than 40 percent of their traffic in the U.S. originates from mobile devices, and that number is sure to rise as mobile owners multiply in numbers. While they work on better ways to stream videos, here is a collection of cures for your most incessant YouTube problems.

Depending on the device, there is a fix for just about every YouTube issue out there. Watch your favorite channels faster and easier without those annoying error messages, crashing computers and frozen screens. Some solutions are surprisingly simple. So, the next time you hear someone complain about not being able to watch YouTube on their device, you can be their hero by providing these tips you’ve learned.

Are you ready to laugh, cry, learn, like and share? Here are the tools and tips you need to deal with access issues, “something went wrong” error messages, age restriction issues and much more.

Source : YTD

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